Surplus Fabrics

Surplus fabrics Is the quantity of fabric that remain after all activity relating to the production process has been completed, or where the requirement for further production has been met.

Surplus Fabrics

Any fabric that is redundant or no longer useful may also be described as “Surplus Fabrics”.

Other types of surplus fabrics

  • Incorrectly dyed fabric
  • mis-printed fabrics
  • faulty fabric through manufacture, weaving or knitting
  • over production
  • damaged or flawed fabrics

All kinds of surplus redundant fabric stock is sold daily on a regular basis by the textile industry at low attractive keen prices, this helps to make way and free up valuable storage space reducing further costs in external storage and other hidden expenses that are incurred.

This also benefits to bring in new fabric stocks for forward orders, future season styles, new fashions and new production forecasts.

Cash Paid for Redundant fabric stocks
Cash Paid for Redundant fabric stocks

Redundant Fabric Stocks

Sell your excess, out of date, and last seasons fabric stocks. advertise your surplus fabric inventory on our website to reach thousands of potential buyers daily. Turn dormant fabric stock into revenue for future stock.

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  • Curtain Fabrics
  • Textiles
  • Upholstery Fabrics
  • Fashion Fabrics
  • Fire Retardant Fabrics
  • Fashion Fabrics
We buy fabrics, top prices paid
We buy fabrics, top prices paid

Cash Paid For Surplus Fabrics

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