Job Lots

We are always looking for to purchase job lots of fabrics in any quantity large or small, send us pictures of your stock or send us fabric samples of your redundant stock, we will make a quick decision and a prompt turn around.

Fabric Job Lots

You may not know it that most clothing fabric that gets imported into the UK mainly comes in as forward orders for the coming seasons and beyond for garment production, whatever the type of fabric it may be printed fabrics, plain fabrics, jacquard, woven or knitted fabric…etc it is all produced for garment and clothing manufacturers.

Fabric Stock

Very often garment manufactures place forward orders for fabric well in advance of the next season, this gives them ample time to receive the fabric delivery prepare the manufacturing process and manufacture the required garments and them in the stores ready for sale before the season starts.

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UK Surplus Fabric Diminished

In the UK this surplus fabric trade sadly has diminished due to a lot of garment factories closing down due to increased production cost, higher expenses and overheads making garments too expensive to produce in the UK most of the garment and clothing production has gone overseas.

Fashion and garment agents usually select the fabrics from swatches by visit textile fairs and trade shows around the world once they have chosen the fabrics the fabric is delivered directly to factories around world the and now see huge volumes of finished ready made garments been imported direct from overseas garment manufactures.

Clearance fabrics wanted
Clearance fabrics wanted – Tel: 07973 70 44 24

Cash Paid For Surplus Fabrics

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